An eperimental global network



Open for peering. If you’d like to peer with me, you can…

  1. Contact me on telegram https://t.me/whojk
  2. Contact me on irc nickname hujk
  3. Contact me via email [email protected]
  4. Use AutoPeer service listed below

Peering Requirements

To peer with me, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Latency to my node <= 80 ms
  2. You must implement ROA checks
  3. Contact information in the registry must always be up to date and admins must respond when contacted

Supported Peering method

Looking Glass

Node infos

Location Node info Endpoint Peering IPv4 IPv6
Hong Kong Detail hk.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Taiwan Taoyuan Detail tw.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Japan Tokyo Detail jp.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Singapore Detail sg.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Korea Seoul Detail kr.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Russia Kazan Detail ru.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O Δ
Russia Moscow Detail ruw.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O Δ
Netherlands Amsterdam Detail nl.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O Δ
Germany Frankfurt Detail de.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
United States New York Buffalo Detail use.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O Δ
United States Texas Dallas Detail us.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O Δ
United States California Los Angeles Detail usw.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
United States Arizona Phoenix Detail usw2.vm.whojk.com ✔️ AutoPeer O O
Symbol Means
O This node have public IP.
You can peer with this node even if you are behind NAT.
Δ This node doesn't have public IP, it's behind NAT.
You have to provide your endpoint
X Not available

Route Propagation Graph